My approach with

I have spent the past 15 years in the Autodesk ecosystem (2006-2018) and my work continues into 2021 and beyond. I have extensive experience developing relationships, tools, and sales methodologies that support Autodesk reps, partners, and customers.

My very first sales call was with Wisconsin DOT (WisDOT) who told me that they were looking at a new design platform and considering Autodesk. At that time, Autodesk had not won a head to head competition with Bentley. Additionally, my boss told me not to engage with WisDOT, since Autodesk had such a poor track record at state DOTs. I forged ahead despite the odds and the pressure from my manager to win the first competitive win at a state DOT.

The impact of the win at WisDOT went beyond just the “mother ship”—every city and county of significance is now running Autodesk for design. In addition, my work with the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) has helped migrate engineering service providers to Autodesk. The impact went further as Autodesk later won more state DOTs, including California, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and others. There is now a thriving DOT practice at Autodesk.