Interactive playbooks

There are few things more difficult than picking up the phone to make an outbound call. Even the most seasoned sales rep gets a bit nervous (in some cases, quite nervous!). A flurry of thoughts go through our heads as we dial the phone, including:

• What if he or she picks up?
• How do I get permission to start?
• What are the key questions I need to ask?
• There are so many paths the call can take, how do I navigate?
• What if a gatekeeper answers?
• How can I quickly address objections?
• What about leaving a voicemail?

I have discovered that text-based playbooks are difficult to navigate and frankly, not very exciting. To help reps better navigate these calls and help address clients concerns, it is better to have “Interactive Playbooks” that addresses the challenges above and go beyond to make outbound calls less daunting.  It also works for inbound calls!

The intent is to have the playbook change based on the customer reaction to the sales reps questions, provide visual cues to objections, and much more!

Interactive playbooks are  customized to fit your sales organizations exact needs and can be updated as those needs evolve. I have put together a short demonstration of these playbooks below.

Click here for a short introduction to the technology used to develop the interactive playbooks:

Sample Interactive Playbooks


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