I remember my first job in technology—it was 1983 and I was brand new to an industry that was just getting started. My first boss instructed me to go a local Secretary of State (DMV) office. I worked for Burroughs at the time (now Unisys) and each office had our equipment. What was unusual is that he told me to “forget about the technology—its just a means to an end.” He told me to focus on the problems that the technology was solving.

We take that kind of advice for granted but back then, this approach was unusual. Most hardware companies were touting the latest and greatest chip. I remembered this advice throughout my career—I worked for many tech companies but always stuck to this important lesson.

In June 2018, I left a company and job I loved to establish White Lake Consulting where I could focus on passing some of the lessons I learned on to a new generation. So, whether you work for a tech company or are an end of user of technology (government agency or utility company), you will experience an attitude of service and support.

Let me help your organization—you will be glad you did.

What Makes Me Unique?

  • Experienced – 37 years!
  • Passionate – I care deeply for what I do. I want to make a difference and you will see that in my approach
  • Proven Sales Tools
    • Interactive playbooks
    • Reporting to track what truly matters to you
  • Results Focused – Insight and custom reporting to track increasing sales

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