The White lake consulting story

I lived in Michigan from the time I started and graduated from Kalamazoo College in 1976 all the way through the end of 2018. When I made the decision to leave a company I love (Autodesk) and follow my passion to teach and mentor, I lived in a town called Montague, Michigan. It is part of a local area called “White Lake” and is home to the world’s largest weathervane.  The image of the weathervane is above.

Beyond just being a cool image, the weathervane provides the inspiration for White Lake Consulting as it symbolizes the four dimensions of my leadership and sales philosophy.  

  • North – The “true north” of any success is based on staying the course. That is the value I bring helping steer you in the right direction.
  • East – This represents experience. My clients gain valuable insight based on the experience I bring.
  • South – I view this angle as my philosophy of “digging in” and working with my clients to bring measurable results.
  • West – This direction is symbolic of innovation and advancement. I embrace the need to constantly move forward.

I absolutely LOVE what I do—and I believe this passion is contagious.